Samatva As An Idea Towards Development

We believe in identifying and overcoming the barriers amongst social practisioners and the problems in the implementation of any design project.

We intend to use design as a tool for community and social development projects, specially for rural and semi-urban communities.

Design, sustainability and development are at the core of Samatva's guiding principles. To implement design for social development is our vision. We identify barriers faced by social practitioners in implementing any project in the field of arts, crafts, spaces, streets, innovation and rural entrepreneurship. We help in finding solutions to community problems using a human-centric approach by keeping both project requirement and beneficiaries in mind. We also document culture-laden stories around us.

Our Approach

We facilitate social development with our due intelligence in design through implementation, documentation, impact assessment, scaling-up of a project using the Theory of Change process in the fields of arts, crafts, spaces, streets, innovation and rural entrepreneurship.

The Scope For Value Addition

Enabling local artisans to turn their skill into a sustainable vocation. Ensuring cluster development among craft and handloom weaving communities, within the reach of prime beneficiaries. Conducting design thinking workshops for various Indian craft communities.

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E-commerce website development for rural enterprises. Promoting their interaction and skills in public space. Ensuring cluster development among craft and handloom weaving communities.

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Documenting strategic and creative processes of development sector projects which include process documentation, subject selection, well defining of key indicators, knowledge of research, writing skills & ethical approach and seeing them to completion with desired results.

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Overseeing implementation and monitoring of CSR projects, NGOs initiatives, Government projects, startup ideas and design led innovation projects.

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Working within our team and with various social ventures, communities, rural entrepreneurs and social innovators to create design experiences.

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Designing social media campaigns to create awareness regarding social and cultural causes. Conducting workshops and meets to address socially relevant issues in collaboration.

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Bringing The Synergies Together

We believe that when individuals with an aspiration for change collaborate, different perspectives come to light and solutions can be approached in a way we can only imagine.

We partner with visionary and philanthropic entities like


Non-Profit Organizations

Startups & Social Ventures

Independent Changemakers

Witness The Change

We love jamming

We meet up monthly at our studio with like-minded designers, environmentalists, activists, ideators, creative artists, basically anybody with the heart for social development.

Every jam addresses one identified local problem and we brainstorm together.

The design workshop in our backyard allows anybody to test their ideas at a prototype level thus accelerating the change making process. We invite and try to bring onboard activists and organizations who can reach out to people and implement change at a larger scale.

The Story Street

We tell culture-laden stories from our surroundings which enlighten and amaze us every day.

The Team

Everyone at Samatva is an avid traveler, from our designers and writers to our founders. We love capturing unique cultures, traditions, arts & crafts from our surroundings wherever we go.

Chief Happiness Officer

Ankit Kumar

Praneet Varma

Himadri Banerjee

Anuragdasi Patel
Communication Strategist

Tirupati Kondra

Vipul Raj
Admin & Logistics

Office Co-ordinator

Contact Us

Ankit Kumar (+91) 77548 32442